Welcoming Students Back to School

Student News 502
Welcome back to school after a long and enjoyable summer break!

We are thrilled to have new students from over 10 international countries and returning students joining at school to start a new exciting academic year.

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To kick off the new school year on a high note, we organized a focused orientation session for all students. This orientation helped them align their academic goals and plan for future success. We believe that with this guidance, students will have a year filled with progress and significant achievements.

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The following days, we organized an apple-picking field trip at the apple orchard. It was a delightful activity for students to have fun and create lasting memories together. They had the opportunity to explore nature, experience outdoor living, and enjoy the simple pleasures of picking fresh apples. Through this event, students learned about teamwork, collaboration, and the joy of playing together.

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We are excited and looking forward to more adventures and joyful times in the future. Let's continue to create memorable experiences and nurture the special relationships that make our school family unique. Together, let's explore the world and embrace unforgettable moments!

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