P.E.I. schools return to in-person learning

Student News 182

Sunday, February 30, 2022


Teachers and students in Prince Edward Island are now ready to be back to school for the first time in 2022 while sticking to the provincial government’s safety protocols.


Premier King and the Chief Public Health Officer announced that all schools on the island would officially be open on January 31 after the opening of public schools was delayed since January 17.


COVID-19 and the Omicron variant have urged islanders to adapt when required. Though parents have many concerns about the students’ safety, face-to-face learning is considered practical and appropriate in the current pandemic that has been under control.


"I feel a lot more comfortable about the plans in place. We have stronger measures than other provinces,


"A combination with the masking and the testing, they've done improvements with the filtration systems — there's a lot of elements we are doing in P.E.I. that we are not seeing in other provinces,” said Heather Mullen, the president of P.E.I.’s Home and School Federation.


Since the online class was the only option during the complicated COVID-19 scenario, many people find it struggling to ensure the learning quality for students.


Online learning seems to be a very convenient way for international students to remain connected with schools even though they get stuck in their home countries. However, another concern emerges when their tremendous amount of tuition fee remains almost unchanged.


As numerous problems stick around with COVID-19, remote learning is hardly a practical option for many people.


Mullen said parents have a choice to keep their children home if they are still anxious about COVID-19.


"As a parent, it's our decision whether we send our students to school. Sometimes we might have to keep our student home because in this case, parents feel anxious or uncomfortable about the situation."

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