Mission & Vision 



Our mission is to educate children to become intellectually and emotionally developed individuals who will make positive contributions to Canadian society. The Rotman School gives students the space to explore their unique skill sets. This fosters the growth of independence, creativity and self-discipline, all of which form a solid basis for the development of self-esteem. We put great care into promoting the comprehensive health of our students. The Rotman School is committed to educational excellence, as measured by readiness for university entrance, and by the maturity, integrity and professionalism of our graduates.

We are committed to supporting our students and their individual goals, during each step of their educational journeys. We aim to foster in students critical thinking skills, persistence and resilience in the face of unanticipated challenges. We provide a safe place for students to reach their full potential amongst hard-working peers in a kind, and accepting environment.


Our goal is to create an innovative educational environment that inspires and provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and qualities that they need to thrive in the present-day world.

Our values

At RASS, we value every student’s development. Our curriculum focuses on long-term targets as students learn how to overcome setbacks. They will acknowledge that they can achieve success through effort, strategy, and perseverance.

These values constitute the foundation of our academic and artistic programs. They are crucial factors that play the vital role in the students’ success after graduation.

Students are trained to develop discipline, self-management, and responsibility while they practice their skills at RASS. They will learn how to excel at critical and creative thinking. Students also learn to finish various tasks with commitment and a well-behaved attitude when doing teamwork activities.

(*) At RASS, our students are fully engaged in the working process of education and the arts. One of our central values at RASS is promoting a kind, accepting, and welcoming environment.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, inappropriate behavior, disrespect towards peers, teachers, staff, and any other behaviors that do not align with our values.