How to Apply



Domestic Admissions:

New students are welcome to apply for admission through an in-person assessment. Once the application form is sent, our administration will contact you to book a meet-and-greet campus tour. During this time, you will have the opportunity to see our academy and meet our team. We will discuss your child’s education history, interests, goals, and any concerns you have. We may recommend an assessment from one of our teachers to help us better understand your child’s educational needs.

We invite you to book a trial day at our academy. This activity allows your children to experience the atmosphere at Rotman Arts and Science School (RASS) and decide if the academy is the right fit for them.

International Admissions:

We invite parents, guardians or agents to contact school admissions, receive a welcome package, and complete an application. Our admissions team will assess the application and schedule an appointment to meet with the prospective student/parent(s)/agents.

If both parties wish to proceed, a letter of acceptance (LOA) will be offered along with all the necessary documentation to support the student’s visa application.


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