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Interested in Becoming an Official Agent for Rotman?

We welcome agents worldwide to become our official partners, who are expected to represent Rotman in guiding international students applying to our school while maintaining professionalism and integrity at all times. 

Please contact us at to discuss your interest in becoming our Official Agent.


We appreciate your being a part of our officially registered international agents network. The dedication and effort our partners invest in connecting international students with our school are highly valued.

Submitting a Student Application

Agents can submit student applications by providing the following:

Please send the application form and requested documents to

Request for a Change of Agent

If your student has already submitted an application to Rotman (by applying on their own or using another agent) and wishes to change their agent, please send us the completed Change of Agent Request Form with the student/parents’ signature: Rotman - CHANGE OF AGENT REQUEST FORM.pdf

Changing of Agent is not permitted once a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) has been issued to a student.


“Schooling Visa" is not an official term, although it is commonly used to promote student visa or study permit for minors. A minor refers to someone who isn’t legally considered an adult based on their age. For Ontario, people under 18 years old are considered minors.

To apply for a schooling visa, please refer to the IRCC official instructions for Studying in Canada as a minor and follow our step-by-step guide at Rotman - Study Permit Guide

Schooling Visa with Parents

There is no special schooling visa in Canada with parents included in the application. However, if the parent(s) are qualified to apply for a temporary visitor visa, they can do so to accompany their child and take care of them while they study in Canada. It is important to understand that the parent will not get a work permit in this situation, but will hold a visitor status in Canada.

A parent accompanying a minor child can apply for a visitor visa separately or together with the child while applying for a schooling visa.

To apply for a visitor visa, please refer to the IRCC official instructions Application for a Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa - TRV).

Rotman Application Form International Student
PDF | 515MB
Rotman Change of Agent Request Form
PDF | 83MB
Rotman Study Permit Guide
PDF | 1527MB
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