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Ms. Firuza Malik-Aslanova, a graduate of the Music Conservatory of Baku (Azerbaijanskaya Gosudaestvennaya Conservatoria), brings over two decades of expertise to her role as a piano instructor. Throughout her distinguished career, she has imparted her extensive knowledge and love for music to a diverse range of students. Students under Ms. Firuza's guidance consistently showcase their talents at various annual recitals and music festivals, a testament to her commitment to nurturing their musical abilities. Some were even well-prepared for the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams, a reflection of the high standards she maintains in her teaching.

What sets Ms. Firuza apart is her ability to create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere within her classes. By infusing a sense of creativity and joy, she not only imparts technical proficiency but also fosters a genuine passion for music across all age groups. Her dedication to cultivating a positive and engaging learning environment ensures that her students not only excel in their musical pursuits but also develop a lifelong appreciation for the art form. Through Ms. Firuza's guidance, aspiring musicians not only master the intricacies of piano playing but also embark on a transformative journey that instills in them a deep and enduring love for the world of music.


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