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Rotman School boasts one of Canada's most robust classical ballet programs, setting itself apart as one of the few institutions that confers both the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and the prestigious Artist of Ballet Diploma provided by Victoria International Ballet Academy within our campus. This unique offering positions students for a dual educational pathway, blending traditional academic achievements with specialized ballet training. Notably, the Artist of Ballet Diploma serves as a stepping stone for those aspiring to embark on professional careers in dance, underlining the school's commitment to nurturing and developing the next generation of ballet talent. The comprehensive professional ballet program spans eight years, ensuring students receive a thorough and immersive education in this demanding art form.

At the heart of the Rotman Arts and Science School Campus is the Victoria International Ballet Academy, its choreographic division, which provides a holistic educational experience, encompassing a rigorous academic curriculum alongside an intensive focus on ballet training. The school's commitment to the success and motivation of each student is reflected in its eight-year professional ballet program. The emphasis on ballet is complemented by a nurturing environment that fosters both physical and academic education, cultivating the talents and artistic expression of aspiring ballet dancers. The goal is not only to impart technical excellence but also to instill valuable life skills in students, ensuring they are well-prepared for both the artistic and academic challenges they may encounter. 

For more information, interested students can explore the academy's offerings and philosophy at their website:Victoria Ballet.

In order to get more information and apply for our Summer Camp, please complete our Rotman Application Form - Summer Camp (fillable).pdf and send it to, along with your inquiry.
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