Frequently Asked Questions


1. Question: Can students select their own school bags or is there a required school bag that must be bought at the school store (online) as a uniform accessory?

Answer: Students may select any type of school bag. It is recommended that this bag be sturdy, as textbooks can get heavy.


2. Question: Should students bring their laptops to school? 

Answer: Yes. We use Google Apps for education, so a laptop or Chromebook is necessary for class each day. You will be given a Google ID as a Rotman student, and need to use this school ID to access Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Slides etc.


3. Question: Are all Rotman students (especially international students) permitted to hire their own personal tutor of choice for any given subject if the need arises?

Answer: Yes. You are free to find and hire your own tutors. Please keep in mind that plagiarism is a serious offence, and hiring a tutor to complete one’s homework falls under the definition of academic dishonesty and ultimately, plagiarism. If a tutor helps a student to understand concepts, that is great, but if the writing in take home assignments is vastly different (error free) from in class writing (tests), then this would be a strong indicator of academic dishonesty.


4. Question: Where can I find the master calendar for each school year that covers days of classes and holidays?

Answer: The master calendar is posted in our Google Classroom called “Homeroom.” It is advised that you do not print the master calendar, as this is a living document that is sometimes updated due to unforeseen circumstances. For the most up to date calendar, please click on the master calendar that is posted in Homeroom.


5. Question: Do Rotman students have a two month summer break for all of July and August?

Answer: Yes.


6. Question: What is the average class size at Rotman?

Answer: The class sizes at Rotman have been quite small over the years. Due to this low student-to-teacher ratio, students will receive plenty of individual attention from teachers.


7. Question: What type of academic support will students receive at Rotman to help them with their planning and decision-making for post-secondary education at the university or college level?

Answer: During the school year, we will conduct three campus tours as school field trips. Students will visit the University of Toronto, York University, and Metropolitan Toronto University (formerly known as Ryerson University).


8. Question: Are there any rules regarding hairstyles and personal grooming?

Answer: For the students who attend Rotman for both academics and ballet, the females must come to school each day with their hair in a neat bun. For the students who are not participating in the dance program, our only request is that hair should be neatly maintained. Remember that you represent your school throughout the entire school day and anytime after school when you are in uniform.


9. Question: How will parents be informed of their children’s progress in each course throughout the academic year?

Answer: Although Google Classroom automatically generates parent/guardian summaries that are emailed to parents and guardians, we ask that parents/guardians are remotely logged in to their child’s Google Classrooms so that they can view progress and mark updates in real time. In order to make this happen, parents/guardians should download the Google Apps for Education on their cell phones using their child’s Rotman ID. This will enable parents to check their google classroom apps on any given day, from remote locations, to see mark updates in each subject. For privacy reasons, you might not want to be logged in to your child’s Gmail account, but this is a family decision, rather than a school decision. Here is the bundle of apps that you will need on your phone, to keep track of your child.


10. Question: What is the requirement for Rotman Merit Scholarship?

Answer: If a student achieve a GPA of 9.0 or higher in the current academic year, he/she will be automatically considered the Rotman Merit Scholarship for the next one.

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